UTS MPO Series for MPO Connectors


Industrial and commercial applications are increasingly making use of fiber optics for security and efficiency. In FTTx , for example, the data rate and high speed capacities of optical fibers answer the demand for quicker data transmission and higher data rate.

The new multiway UTS MPO series brings an innovative solution to accept all MPO connectors from 12 to 48 optical ways, a protection of optical termination thanks to a scoop-proof design and a dynamic IP68 sealing level .

In addition, with an audible/tactile click to confirm proper connection and UV resistance, the MPO series meets all market requirements for a quick and reliable installation.

For more information, please consult the UTS MPO Series datasheet and the FTTH / FTTA capabilities brochure. You can also find out more about our UTS fiber solutions including LC and MPO connector

MPO Connector for FTTA and FTTH

The UTS MPO Connector is rugged and reliable, making it ideal for Fiber to the Antenna and Fiber to the Home applications

SOURIAU also offers the UTS in LC version that is easy to install and deploy. Watch the video below to see how it can be used for Fiber to the Home.