rectangular connectors

MSG 3U Series

Easy and secure rack panel

Easy and secure mating : Quick lever with safe locking

Space saving : High density solution compatible with 3U rack

Signal integrity : Improved shielding with a 360° metal housing  

Flexible grounding : Possibility of different grounding structures by each port for the 5 Quadrax Layout

Fire smoke certified : Material HL3/R23 & HL3/R22 according to EN 45545-2

4 layouts available : 29 pos / 41 pos / 51 pos / 5 Quadrax

Key features and benefits


MSG 3U series is the ideal solution for a rack and panel solution. It can be installed on diverse signaling applications as TRU, ERTMS, TCMS and CBTC systems.

This range was designed to ensure a quick and secure mating / unmating with no risk of damaging the contacts. This function is performed by a lever with a safe locking ensuring a manual connection without any tools.

The 360° metal housing and the connector design ensure a proper EMI shielding and continuity with the PCB board. In addition the insert is made of high performance material certified to international fire and smoke requirements (EN 45545-2 / NFPA 130).  

MSG 3U is available in 4 different layouts : 29 contacts / 41 contacts / 51 contacts / 5 Quadrax.

The 5 Quadrax layout offers Ethernet multiports with the possibility of different grounding structures by each port.


Technical Data

  • Durability : 500 Mating cycles
  • Shock & Vibration: According to EN 61373 Cat1b
  • Operating temperature : -40°C to +100°C
  • Salt spray : 48 hours
  • Sealing level : IP40
  • Fire smoke level : HL3/R22 & HL3/R23 following EN 45545-2 / NFPA 130 compliant (except 51 pos)
  • Operating voltage : 300V max following EN 50-124-1 / OV2PD2

Examples of application field

MSG 3U series is compatible with all the 3U racks systems.