D-Subminiature Series

Standard QPL I/O connector

  • Standard D-shape connectors
  • Certified or compliant to aeronautic standard HE501 / HE508 / SMA MIL-C (see catalogue for details)
  • Standard versions #20 or high density #22
  • Removable crimp contacts
  • Splash and dust proof
  • Resistant to high temperature up to 155 °C
  • Wide range of mounting accessories (consult us)

Key features and benefits


The D-Subminiature series is the most known I/O D-Shape connector for a wide range of applications. Widely used for screen connection, D-sub connectors offer the best price/performance ratio in pressurized environments.

Compliant to aeronautic standards, our D-sub series provide you with high-performance connectors.

From standard #20 to high-density #22, D-Sub connectors accommodate a wide range of cable from AWG 20 to AWG 28.

Removable contacts ensure easy installation and maintenance through the lifetime of your system.

Dust- and splash-proof versions protect pollution to occur in the heart of your system, making it safer for a longer lifetime. SOURIAU-SUNBANK also offers D-Sub backshells for further protection against strain and EMI/RFI.

Complementary Product Ranges