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SMS Series

Quick Mating Plastic Rectangular Connector

  • Temperature (standard SMS series): -55° +105°C
  • Temperature (for the flame retardant version): -40° +105°C
  • Sealing: IP40
  • 500 mating cycles
  • Flammability rating: UL94 V2 (SMS black version) and UL94 V0 (SMS white version)
  • I3F2/I2F3 according to the NFF 16101 / 16102 (SMS white version)
  • R23/HL3 according to the EN 45 545 (SMS white version)
  • RoHS

Key features and benefits


SMS series is a plastic rectangular connector with a quick mating mechanism, available from 3 to 36 positions. Just push to mate, press and release to unmate!

This series offers a complete interconnect solution due to a wire version, a PCB version and accessory options. Cable, plug and receptacles feature pin-protection skirts, positive polarization and are offered with or without integrated strain relief hoods.

With a pitch of 5.08mm and a low profile version availability, SMS series is ideal for tight space integration and high density applications.

The SMS series also offers a flame retardant version compliant with EN 50467, as well UL recognized (file number E238675) and CSA certified (file number LR44961-21) for qualification of your equipment and a guarantee of safe use.

SMS IP Version

The SMS series is also available in an IP version which is completely waterproof with a sealing rating of IP67. The layouts differ slightly, so if you need any information please contact our sales team.

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Examples of application field

The versatile and easy to use “SMS” Quick Mating panel and cable connectors are a highly cost-effective system approach to solving the constant demand for more interconnection  solutions and techniques.