UTO Series

UTO Series

Metal IP68/69K Connector for Intensive Use

  • Operating temperature range: -40°C +105°C
  • Sealing: IP68/69K
  • Shielding capacity
  • High resistance to vibration and shock
  • Standard: UL94V0
  • RoHS and REACH

Key features and benefits

Metal Industrial Connector

UTO is a circular metal connector series, with an IP68/69K sealing level and shielding capability for use in harsh environmental conditions such as mechanical stress, water or dust exposure and high mating cycles. It provides long life expectancy and reduces the need for connector maintenance, saving you time and costs.

The UTO connector has a 1/3 bayonet coupling which allows a quick and secure connection to the system thanks to an audible click that guarantees proper mating. A large choice of layouts provides you the option to mix signal and power or copper and fiber optics within the same connector.

UTO connectors are compliant with major electrical IEC and UL standards in order to guarantee safe conditions for the installers and operators.

Furthermore, the UTO series proposes a complete catalog of accessories to offer a shielded connection for your EMI and RFI constraints. Available with a large choice of shells, we also offer standard cable assemblies to provide a complete interconnect solution in order to simplify your supply chain.

The UTO uses TRIM TRIO® contacts fully compatible with the UTS and UTG series, which provides you the possibility to switch from one series to another without the need for tooling or panel cut-out modifications.  Your product upgrade is easier, faster and without additional costs!

Watch this video to learn more about our intermateable and interchangeable TRIM TRIO® range dedicated to harsh industrial environments:

If you have any questions about our UTO series or wish to place an order, please contact our commercial or technical teams.

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Examples of application field

The UTO is a circular metal connector series ideal for harsh industrial environments requiring shielding such as robotics, off-road vehicles and traffic management.