UTG connector

UTG Series

Metal and Plastic Connector for Heavy Use

  • Operating temperature: 40°C +105°C
  • Sealing: IP65
  • UV Resistance
  • Resistance to shock and vibrations
  • Standard: UL94V0
  • RoHS
  • 500 mating cycles

Key features and benefits


The UTG series is a circular connector with a 1/3 bayonet coupling  to quickly connect the system and secured connection due to an audible click which guarantees the proper connection.

UTG connectors use the advantages of plastic and metal to offer you a lightweight solution combined with high durability with up to 500 mating cycles. UTG connectors answer the need for economical lightweight and robust coupling.

Within the UTG series, the large choice of layouts offers you the option to mix signal and power or copper and optic within the same connector.

UTG series guarantees safety conditions with UL94V0 approval and environmental REACH and RoHS qualifications.

UTG connectors use the Trim Trio contacts and are fully compatible with UTS and UT0 series, which provides you the option to change from one series to another without tools or panel cut-out modifications. Now your product upgrade is easier, faster and without additional costs!

Examples of application field

UTG is a circular connector series which combines the advantages of plastic and metal for heavy uses in harsh environment conditions.