Micro-D Backshell Series

Micro-D Backshell Series

  • Jackscrew offering
  • Entry configuration: straight, 45° or 90°
  • EMI/RFI termination
  • Accessories: dustcaps, crimp rings, bands
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Full EMI protection

Key features and benefits


The Micro-D backshells series have been developed to fit micro D-sub connectors. Entry styles are designed to terminate both overall and individual shielding.

Available in straight, 45° or 90° configuration the Micro-D backshells exist with round or elliptical shape. EMI/RFI protection is ensured with either crimping or banding platform; enclosed body and slotted platform accommodate overall and individual braid (shielding is optimized). Additional shield slots on banding platform are available to allow a full EMI/RFI protection of the system.

The Micro-D backshells are designed with extended lengths option in fillister or hexagonal head screw.

Several accessories are offered to complete the Micro-D backshells series including dustcaps, crimp rings and bands.

Technical Data

  • Shell size 9, 15, 21 25, 31, 37, 51, 100
  • Identification per MIL-STD-130
  • Cadmium plating: yellow gold, olive drab or black
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Male jackscrew 2-56 UNC-2A (except for shell size 100 : 4-40 UNC-2A)
  • Cable entry diameter
  • Crimping platform: from 4.06mm to 12.45mm
  • Banding platform: from 3.18mm to 9.53mm

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