Reusable Fixing Plates

Reusable Fixing Plates

  • Up to eight attachment accessories replaced by a single option
  • Large portfolio available for UNJC and ISO threads

Key features and benefits


Reusable fixing plates are a strong time-saving factor in square flange receptacle connectors mounting by optimizing mounting time (and operating costs): Up to eight attachment accessories (nuts, plain washers or locking washers) replaced by a single option.

A large portfolio is available for UNJC and ISO threads (four, three & two – hole self-locking fixing plates); re-usable fixing plates are suitable for all major aerospace, military and industry circular ranges MIL-DTL-38999, etc.

Re-usable fixing plates improve the overall performance with reduced operating costs, self-locking of screws, facilitated maintenance by reduced number of tools and eliminated accessory fall risk.