Miniature connectors


SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies offers a variety of miniature connectors for applications with space saving constraints.

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Miniaturization technologies

For many years, the need for more compact and lighter connection solutions able to satisfy aeronautic, military and industrial requirements has been growing. The rapid development of UAVs, sensors and on-board electronics combined with the emergence of composite materials has driven the industry to reduce the size and weight of all equipment, including connectors. The first modern connectors proposed the gauge 16 as the minimum size of contact; the pin diameter is 1.6 mm in the case of a #16 contact. Today on a circular connector with the same external dimension, we went from 48 #16 contacts to 128 #22 contacts (pin diameter = 0.75 mm) and 61 #20 contacts (pin diameter = 1 mm).

Motor racing is also a sector where weight gain is important and requires miniaturization.The contact diameter is 0.50 mm, we have reached size 26 (# 26), and we can integrate 5 contacts of this size in a diameter 6mm connector. Weight gain is significant as this transformation entails the number of connectors for the same type of applications.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies offers several miniature connectors designed to meet a new generation of applications where space and weight are limited.