Medical connectors for home care

Home Care & Portable Devices

  • Miniature & Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Key and color Identification

Our solution

Connectors for Portable Home Care

Miniature & compact

Making patients' daily lives easier is now possible with home care and portable applications. Facilitating their life can be achieved by reducing the weight and complexity of the equipment they need to use. Our miniature and compact connectors (7mm diameter)  will therefore be suitable for those applications.

Miniature connectors for medical applications

Easy to use

In addition they are easy to use and our key and color identification will make them safe and reliable for the patients to connect them on their own.

Easy to use connectors with ergonomic design


Waterproof versions are also available for devices that need to be used during daily activities.

Waterproof connectors for portable home care