FTTA Connectors for Fiber To The Antenna

Fiber To The Antenna FTTA

  • Electrical connector, optical connector or hybrid connector, combining electrical and optical 
  • Resistant to harsh environments (shock, UV, corrosion & waterproof IP68/69K)
  • Modular solutions
  • Quick and reliable installation
  • Suitable for Remote Radio Head and Cell Tower Distribution Box and other FTTA applications
  • Scoop-proof design to protect contacts during mating

Our solution

Our Solutions for the FTTA Market

SOURIAU-SUNBANK has extensive experience working in the field of telecommunications. To answer these new challenges, SOURIAU-SUNBANK delivers robust and reliable interconnect systems to major industry leaders, with fiber optic connections, electrical power and hybrid solutions to accompany their growth and their complex requirements. With the advent of 5G networks, the telecommunications industry will require increasingly high performance and ruggedized systems that can be installed and maintained with ease.

Power Connectors for FTTA

Our UTS Series is available in layouts specifically designed for power applications with #12 and #8 cavities, capable of delivering up to 45A. The UTS Series is corrosion and UV resistant for up to 5 years, as well as waterproof with an IP rating of IP68/69K, making it the ideal power connector for outdoor and harsh environments.

Examples of power layouts


Optical Connectors

Industrial applications are increasingly making use of fiber optics for reasons of security and efficiency. In FTTA, and FTTx more generally, the data rate and high speed capacities of optical fibers answer to the demand of quicker data transmission and higher data rate.

To respond to these new challenges, SOURIAU adds optical connections to its flagship range of popular UTS industrial connectors and proposes the UTS LC for  LC DUPLEX (or double LC) and the UTS MPO for standard MPO/MTP cells. 

This product extension brings an innovative solution for protection of optical terminations and the ability to integrate all standard cells on the market. The UTS LC and MPO series features a built-in sealing system (Dynamic IP68/69K waterproof), UV resistance and an audible/tactile click to confirm proper connection which is an important attribute during field installations.

LC MPO connectors for FTTA Fiber optics

FTTA Hybrid Connectors

Our capabilities, our close partnerships and engineer-to-engineer approach with customers have led us to develop an advanced hybrid solution that combines electrical and fiber optic contacts within the same connectors. This simplifies installation and maintenance greatly compared to previous configurations that were composed of two parallel systems. Souriau is now able to support the 5G development and deployment by offering CS68 series connectors which combine 3 electrical cavities for wires or cables up to 10mm² and 45A applications and a cavity for MTP/MPO cell.

Robust & weatherproof

Telecom antennas are not easily accessible and this means that installation, maintenance and repair operations are complex. Thanks to our decades-long experience in the  industrial world, we are specialists in harsh environments and hard-to-get-to areas which require high reliability. Our products ensure that your equipment and staff are safe, and that your connections keep working in extreme conditions whether it be hurricanes, floods, heatwaves or blizzards.