Unmanned vehicles

Unmanned Vehicles

  • Per military or per commercial standards qualified product for full reliability
  • Compacter alternative to D-subs with microcomp range
  • Compacter alternative to Mil-DTL-38999 with the micro 38999 range
  • Compacter alternative with integrated backshell solution
  • Lanyard connection for quick release purposes

Our solution

Interconnect solutions for unmanned vehicles

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are used in many areas including toys or commercial roles however, this functionality has emerged from defense applications such as radars, sensors, electronic payload or infrared.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies provides a complete offer of products tailored for space constraint applications including smaller alternative to military standards (micro38999 for MIL-DTL-38999, microComp for D-sub), compacter design with integrated backshells connectors or quick disconnect solutions, when lanyard is part of the UAV mission.


Engines, wing and landing gear
Engines, Wing and Landing gear
Power distribution
Power distribution
Wiring interconnect solutions
Wiring interconnect solutions