IFE & Cabin Systems

In-Flight Entertainment & Cabin Systems

  • Quick and secure connector coupling through quick latch system
  • Small and dense insert configurations
  • Light weight composite shells
  • Power and data configurations
  • 100Mbit to 10gbit
  • High speed Ethernet

Our solution

Interconnect solutions for IFE & cabin systems applications

Airlines are continuously improving the in-flight passengers’ experience through innovating IFE systems and seats with more comfort and functions such as the lighting.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies is supporting all these efforts with an offer matching the cabin needs in terms of easiness to use, reliability, light weight and possibility of high data rate transmission. For examples:

Elio™ series: easiest to clean ruggedized butt joint fiber optic solution. Elio™ range is now a leading solution widely used on IFE backbone.

microComp ™ series: reliable, compact and light weight thanks to its composite shell (more than 35 % dense than D-sub connectors).

MQuick™ series: rectangular modular solution, now widely recognized by cabin equipment manufacturers as well as airframers.


Cabin lighting
Cabin lighting