• Very dense contact populated ARINC600 connectors and associated backshells
  • Rectangular smaller D-sub connectors and microComp
  • Copper and fiber optic contacts for high data transmission

Our solution

Interconnect solutions for avionics applications

High data transmission and compactness are determining elements in data treatment for avionics equipment.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies has been strongly involved in standard comities to define the aviation highest pin count connector: ARINC 600.

We have recently launched a cost effective ARINC 600 solution with pre-installed PCB contacts.

On the data transmission side, we have been one the first manufacturer to introduce the 100Mbit Ethernet quadrax contact fitting in size 8 cavities of an ARINC 600 or D38999 circular connectors.

In constant search for performance, we have recently launched a fiber optical lens contact for applications where higher data rate are required.