The Agora


What is the Agora space? Watch the video below to find out!

Adrien Lecossier, the originator of the concept, walks us through how he refined the idea.

The Agora space by SOURIAU-SUNBANK is a place of sharing, working and incubation for innovative ideas. It is a physical space that is dedicated to communication and exchanges between collaborators, but also SOURIAU-SUNBANK clients and suppliers. Diversity is one of the key elements to stimulate and further innovation, and for this reason SOURIAU-SUNBANK chose to set up the Agora on its industrial sites. This location mixes a wide variety of different trades and environments, which is key to spark new ideas and disrupt traditional thinking.


Yesterday we worked on today's solutions, today let's work on tomorrow's solutions.


Who uses the Agora?

Employees can use the Agora to work in a less conventional way, to break their daily routine and to open their minds to new ideas. A true place of innovation, the Agora encourages users to free their creativity around concepts that will make our company's future successes.

It is a place where everyone can express themselves about transverse subjects, and form multidisciplinary groups that to take on innovative themes. The space will be hosted by a host specialized in collaborative innovation and group work methods.


Preparing for the future together

We believe that the future of our company will not be built by small comittees, and so the Agora allows anyone, no matter which background they are from or which service they work in, who wishes to discuss and contribute to the future of SOURIAU-SUNBANK, to do so. Yesterday we worked on today's solutions, today let's work on tomorrow's solutions.