• Maximum temperature up to 200°C
  • Salt Spray up to 500h
  • Electrical continuity down to 5mΩ
  • RoHS and REACH on most versions

Key features and benefits


8525 is a global family: a branch of this family is qualified as per EN3646 or ASNE standards, another branch corresponds to all the customized derivates SOURIAU is able to design for most demanding customers.

8525 connectors series uses a self-locking mechanism with bayonet. This design is a quick coupling that saves time during systems assembly. All the experience acquired in aerospace industry guarantee a high level of confidence in terms of quality.

This widely used connector family offers a large range of layouts available, either to transmit signal or power, or a mix of them. For harsher environment, we delivered a stainless steel version of this standard that is able to withstand a very long salt spray duration.

Submitted to various environment constrains, this connector family will always guarantee a proper and effective sealing at connector interface and between the connector and le cables, due to its front and rear silicone elastomers parts.

Customized 852 connectors can be especially designed to meet the challenges of special environments, such as fuel tanks, railways applications, high speed data transmission and so on. SOURIAU-SUNBANK also supplies a wide range of MIL-SPEC backshells for the 852 series.