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SOURIAU has been developing fiber optic connectors for four decades. As soon as fiber optics began to be used in telecommunications and manufacturing, connector solutions adapted to this technology had to be invented which were radically different from those designed for electrical connections.

Fiber optics offers key advantages

In comparison to using an electrical link to transfer large volumes of data, fiber optics offers numerous advantages: lighter weight, less use of space, natural immunity to electromagnetic emissions, and higher bandwidth and throughput compared to an equivalent electrical link.

A technology which has become popular

Since the early 2000s, the use of fiber optics has seen explosive growth in all sectors of activity. The aeronautics industry in particular, employs this technology for data transmission, both to passengers for in-flight entertainment and to the cockpit for cameras, overhead displays, etc. The environmental conditions in the aircraft environment in terms of the vibrations and mechanical constraints called for the development of specific solutions. This led to the development by SOURIAU of the ELIO® range, and its adoption by Airbus to be able to offer a robust solution for severe environmental conditions.

SOURIAU's technology offering

The ELIO® solution is a physical type contact, called butt joint, which ensures the transmission of light between the contacts. SOURIAU also offers ELIOBEAM®, an expanded beam type contact solution using lenses, which does not require physical contact and is thus more resistant to multiple connections/disconnections as well as to pollution in the external environment.


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SOURIAU and harsh environments

SOURIAU, a specialist in connectors for severe environments, has chosen to target its range of fiber optic connectors at applications which are subject to harsh conditions. In the field of aeronautics, ELIO® is present in the Airbus A330, A350, A380 and A400M. Fiber has taken hold in passenger entertainment and information systems, which require high transfer speeds to transmit data to the individual screens. This allows passengers to have a large choice of films and video games at their disposal.

A broad product range

The design of the ELIO® allows it to be embedded in different types of connector shells depending on the requirements: the circular MIL DT 38999 type or the rectangular ARINC type for aeronautic applications. It has also been adopted by the rail sector, in circular connectors with bayonet locking. In telecommunications, SOURIAU connectors for fiber optics are present in GSM and Internet transmission antennae for FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna) links and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) for exterior connections on buildings. SOURIAU will also add the ARINC 801 standard to its range of solutions which will complement the current standard range. This solution offers high contact density in a reduced space and is a very popular standard, particularly in the American market.

A market that is constantly evolving

Now that fiber optics has proven its reliability in classical applications, its use is spreading to more critical systems in the aeronautic, military and aerospace domains, with the growing use of sensors or even OptoPyro applications; it is replacing traditional electrical solutions. In response to all these evolutions in the market, SOURIAU is constantly developing new products in collaboration with its customers and SOURIAU fiber optic connectors are finding new opportunities.