Electrical Environment

How do we test an electrical environment?

Standard equipment range: multimeters, signal generators, dielectricmeters, megohmmeters up 5TΩ, milliohmmeters, oscilloscopes, etc.

High frequency test benches by network analyzers up to 20GHz (Shielding, susceptibility, VSWR, insertion loss, impedance, transient response, etc.

High power generators (power supply up to 3000Amps – pulse test bench 12kVA)

High voltage test bench (50kV AC/DC)

Automatic test bench for resistance, dielectric withstanding voltage & capacitance measurement (up to 200 ways)

Lightning bench 6kV/10kA and up to 20kA.

Amagnetism (excitation up to 0.6T, residual magnetism from 20nT)

Cable analyzer (TIA 568-C.2) for ethernet measurements