Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion

As a complementary capability to our conduit assembly product lline, SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies' plastic extrusion process for liners offers flexibility with a variety of raw material options.


Our solution

Plastic Extrusion Technologies

Plastic extrusion is commonly used to produce thermoplastic products of variable length. Here at SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies, we can offer liner extrusion in a variety of raw material options that include:

  • ETFE (-65°F to +310°F)
  • PFA (-95°F to +500°F)
  • FEP (-95°F to +400°F)
  • PTFE (-95°F to +500°F)

Flexible conduit

After the extrusion, a lightweight polymer braid layer can be added to enhance conduit tensile strength and protection. 

Conduit roll

Availabe in a wide variety of different diameters, colors and hardness; we have an experienced engineering team available to help choose the right option for your end application.

Orange flexible conduit