Lighting and Building

Lighting & Building

  • Quick connect fittings with all-in-one capabilities (power and signal).
  • IP68 and IP69K waterproof enclosure for water immersion, exposure to rain and harsh environments.
  • Long outdoor use with UV resistant capability.
  • Environmental compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations.
  • Transmission signal integrity for all major protocols.
  • EMI shielding Design.
  • IEC and UL compliance disconnection.
  • Standard and custom solutions based on your needs.

Our solution

Interconnect solutions for lighting and building applications

Today, it is difficult for a manufacturer of lighting equipment to find a reliable connector solution. Indeed, the ability to maintain an IP68 sealing level in case of floods, the ability to resist UV radiation during long periods and the moisture proof capability to avoid electrical issues are basic requirements, but only few connector series provide this level of performance.

Time is money, and makes it necessary to install the equipment as fast as possible.  This makes a quick and robust interconnect solution a necessity.  Also, qualification by UL and IEC standards are also mandatory to guarantee the safety of the installers and users.

In addition, the possibility to have a turnkey solution with connectors AND cable assemblies to customize the interconnection are key requirements of the renewable energy markets.

To finish, as your market is driven by projects, many times all around the world, a worldwide supply chain and quick availability of connectivity is mandatory

Conscious about all of these challenges, we offer both standardized and customized products to support your design and development needs. Our connectors provide reliability in all outdoor, indoor and industrial environments and can resist intense UV exposure or withstand demanding waterproof and full immersion applications.

In addition to this we can provide overmold cable assemblies. We propose both leader and jumper cable assemblies to offer our customers a turnkey solution for quick, reliable and secure installations.

All connector solutions from SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies have been developed according to UL and IEC standard requirements.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies proposes quick, reliable and secure turn-key interconnect solutions all around the world for lighting and building equipment.


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LED walls and video displays
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