Engines, wing and landing gear

Engines, Wing & Landing Gear

  • UV & Corrosion resistance
  • Low and high temperature resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Fluid resistance
  • Vibration and shock resistance
  • Lightning resistance
  • Low leakage, pressure barrier
  • Signal protection
  • Small and light weight

Our solution

Interconnect solutions for engines, wing and landing gear applications

Landing gears, engines and wings have in common to be directly subject to extreme environmental conditions during take-offs, landings and through the flight: extremes temperatures, rain, humidity, vibrations, shocks, and even lighting strikes.

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies supplies interconnect solutions withstanding harsh environments for engines, landing gears, wings, sensors and fuel tanks in:

  • Materials :
    • stainless or titanium shells against shocks
    • ceramic insert for fire resistance
    • UV, shocks and fluid resistant jackets
    • Glass sealing for pressure barriers
  • Plating :
    • First supplier approved against lighting strike on composite connectors, as well as the first supplier approved on Mil-DTL-38999 RoHS Zinc Nickel plating
  • Design :
    • Integrated filters to protect signal from any parasite noise
    • Light, compact and high vibration resistant connectors, now widely adopted on single aisle engines
    • Inner coated backshells to avoid any cable damage even under vibrations


Engine controls
Engine controls
Engine harnessing
Engine harnessing
Landing gear harnessing
Landing gear harnessing
Wing harnessing
Wing harnessing